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Lassarev 6530 was started in 1992 when Monica Lassarev acquired Lönegrens Redovisningsbyrå AB.

With three employees, the initial focus was to assist smaller owner-operated businesses with their accounting. Today we are 20 accounting consultants, and offer a wide range of services. The bulk of our nearly 300 clients in the Gothenburg area are small and medium sized businesses. Lassarev has maintained a steady growth, averaging 15% per year since 1995.

Lassarev 6530 share offices with Moore Stephens KLN AB in the downtown Gothenburg. Although much of our client work happens in our office, we also work closely with some of our clients in their offices.
Since spring 2004 Lassarev 6530 is a fully-owned subsidiary of Moore Stephens KLN AB. KLN carries out auditing activities in both Gothenburg and Uddevalla, and was started in 2004 by three former Deloitte employees.

Although fully-owned by Moore Stephens KLN AB, the operations and activities of Lassarev 6530 are completely independent. Our core team of accounting consultants have been with us since the middle of 1990 and Monica Lassarev has remained CEO since the beginning in 1992.